Hudpleje: spørgsmål og svar fra

Hudpleje: spørgsmål og svar fra

Hudpleje – hvor lang tid kan man anvende cremer? Jeg har hørt, at opbevaring af cremer ikke bør være i badeværelset. Passer det?

Hvis cremen i en åben tilstand har en holdbarhed på 30 måneder eller mindHudpleje og creme - spørgsmål re efter den sidste salgsdato, mærkes mindste holdbarhedsdato på emballagen med et krukketegn. Antal af måneder markeres med et tal efterfulgt af ”M”.

For en bedre opbevaring, skal cremer skal lukkes, når de ikke er i brug. Cremer skal helst ikke udsættes for direkte lys, og skal heller ikke opbevares tæt på et varmeapparat. Cremer skal helst opbevares i et køligt og tørt sted, derfor er badeværelset ikke det bedste sted for opbevaring af dine cremer.

Hej Vivasan. Jeg har mange pigment pletter på ansigtet og på hænderne. Kan du anbefale mig en nem løsning for at lysne pletter?

Jeg vil gerne anbefale at berige dine kosmetiske produkter med Vivasan citronolie. Tilføj et par dråber citronolie i din ansigtcreme og håndcreme (et par dråber pr 100 ml creme).

Bemærk venligst at huden bliver mere lysfølsom, når du bruger cremer beriget med citronolie. Derfor undgå solbadning og solarier, når du bruger citronolie.

Du kan også bruge Himalayan Diamond Creme Locherber  , som forbedrer tone, lysner huden og reducerer hudpigmentering.

Desuden vil jeg anbefale at få et regelmæssigt tilskud af omega3 ( fiske olie). Spis fødevarer rige med C-vitamin eller tag kosttilskud med C- vitamin.

Kan man bruge forskellige cremer sammen, for eksempel Gold24 og Hypnotic Viper/BTY creme? Kan man anvende serum og creme samtidigt? 

Hvis I anvender vidt forskellige cremer i løbet af dagen, bliver effektiviteten mindre. Det er bedre at anvende cremen i en periode på et par uger. Og derefter skifte til andre cremer.
Serum og cremer må gerne anvendes sammen. Serum påføres altid først. Derefter creme.


Kan man bruge ceramider sammen med andre cremer som Viva Beauty eller BTY?

Ceramider kan anvendes samtidig med andre cremer. Ceramider påføres altid først og derefter andre cremer.
Læs mere om ceramider >


Har I creme og shampoo til dem med psoriasis?

Vivasan tilbyder cremerne Tea Træ og Viva Aktiv til dem med psoriasis. Desuden kan balm San Rocco anvendes. Migliorin shampoo kan varmt anbefales til hårvask.

I have sensitive skin and rosacea (now nearly controlled). I´m 36 years old. I am very interested in the natural products that you have.. I would like to know which products of your catalogue would the more convenient for me, antiaging inclusive but for rosacea especially, because my goal is to get stronger the skin of my face . 

About rosacea: there are different form and thus, different way of treating.

The top reasons for rosacea are environmental conditions, as sun explosion, wind and personal condition, as well. There two ways to treat the problem: protection or active intervention.

I do not know your particular case; therefore it is hard to give you a right suggestion. I would like to get more detailed info, such as: type of your skin, did you have acne before (as teenager), how long did you had rosacea, do you have allergy to any substances or any serious diseases, type of cremes you are using for the moment, do you apply makeup, do you have wrinkles.

Good morning, About my type of skin, I have very sensitive and white skin. I have never had acne when I was teenager, only when I was an adult (34), when I got an episode of acne rosacea. Now I´m 36 years old.
Actually, it is more or less controlled but I still have some small veins..
I dont think to have allergy to any substances. (But I have heard that acids or peelings are not allowed in my case because with this cronic illness the skin is thinner than the normal). So, as much natural are the products that I use, the better.With the sun my face is more red and reactive than in winter.
At the moment I use very high sun proteccion during the day(50FPS)
I use to boil mineral water with camomile and use it as a tonic.
I ask you advice about what to use to get stronger the skin of  my face, overall, to use them during the night.
Thanks a million

From your letter I can see that your problems apparently are not because the hormonal misbalance (you didn’’ had acne in puberty). If you are healthy, so the reason cannot be because of the acid-base imbalance in your crop or prolonged intake of medicines. You have some small veins because of disturbance of blood circulation in the facial skin, which often accompanied with redness or inflammation. Often vessels (on the forehead, nose, cheeks and chin) expand and lose elasticity, if not take care from the very beginning.

I suppose that the main reason is your very sensitive skin and you have Vascular problems (it happens often by women between 30-50 years old).

Your goal should be to make blood vessel walls stronger, adjust blood pressure and improve microcirculation.

The main treatment should include special skin care and medication
– suppression of excessive sebum secretion;
– elimination of bacteria that cause skin inflammation
– skin protection from the environmental conditions (wind, sun, frost, etc.)
-use skin care products with the anti-inflammatory effects
– treatment of the blood vessel

1.Clean your skin 1-2 times a day. Use soft gels, foams and lotions (such as :  gel VIVA BEAUTY  or Skum Shower VivaDerm, VITASAN .Under no circumstances use cleansing compounds with abrasive ingredients, don’t rub your face with cotton swabs and never subject your face to steam. Boiled mineral water with chamomile you can also use (if your skin is not very dirty).  Chamomile has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. But boiled water with chamomile is not enough to the thorough cleaning of the skin.

2.Then, I suggest you to apply a special cream, developed by leading Swiss specialists from Vivasan Academy – COUPEROSE 24 HOURS CREAM with extracts of horse-chestnut and mallow .

This crem is specislly designed to the extremely sensitive skin with couperose/rosaceae. The cream soothes irritated, sensitive skin and prevents inflammation. Moreover, it provides all-embracing gentle care of skin with fragile vessels, strengthens the walls of blood vessels; protects against external factors which increase its fragility. The cream is quickly absorbed without leaving a greasy residue. It can be used as a make-up base and night cream.

Apply COUPEROSE 24 HOURS CREAM with extracts of horse-chestnut and mallow every morning and evening to the face after cleansing with tonic. After the desired effect has been achieved, continue using for skin protection. The product is not recommended during pregnancy and lactation.

3.Skin protection:
Don’t forget to use your high sun protection cream during the sunny days.

Moreover, I can suggest you to try products from the Arganolie-line to protect your skin from the environmental conditions (sun, wind, frost, etc.)

Argana oil is healthful; its unsaturated fatty acids, that constitute 80% of its contents, produce a healthy effect on vessels. It also contains antioxidants and vitamin A, a great quantity of vitamin E and other substances such as antibiotics and fungicides. Argana oil has 2.5-3 times more tocopherols than olive oil. It contains substances that improve blood circulation and strengthen the protective forces of the body.

The argana oil binds free radicals and by doing so retards skin aging. It is a frequent basis for various creams, since it restores the hydrolipid skin layer. Arganolie is the most effective natural oil against sun explosions.

  1. Then, you need enrich dietary intake with additional vitamins, mineral elements and multivitamin complexes

I suggest you:Dietary supplimnets with soy isoflavons which is essential to normalize endocrinal activity.
And Dietary suppliments with with herb of grace extract (Rutosid) or extracts of horse chestnut and red grape to strengthens blood vessels, prevents blood stagnation and make blood vessel walls stronger.

  1. Lastly, I suggest you to avoid hot or spicy food.
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